Toyota 4Runner Circuit Diagram. Electrical Wiring Diagram 96-06

Since it is impossible to include in the manual the EWD of cars of all models and years of production, which are described in this manual, the following are the most typical diagrams that you have to refer to most often.


Before diagnosing any electrical circuit, check fuses, circuit breakers (if installed) to ensure they are in good condition. Check the battery charging and that the battery cable connections are clean and secure.


When checking wires, check that all connections and plugs are clean, with no broken or poorly connected pins. When disconnecting the connection connector, do not pull on the wires, only grasp the connector body.

The electrical system has an operating voltage of 12 volts and uses

negative ground. Power for the headlights and all other electrical equipment comes from a lead-acid battery, which is recharged from the generator.


If your car's stereo player has an encryption system, check if you know the player's activation code before disconnecting the battery.

2006 Toyota 4Runner Electrical Wiring Diagram (EM00T0U)




2002 Toyota 4Runner Wiring Diagram (EWD471U)

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Toyota 4Runner 1996-2002 Repair Manual (RM887U) and Wiring Manuals

(KZN185, RZN185, VZN185). Models with diesel 1KZ-TE (3.0 l) and gasoline 3RZ-FE (2.7 l) and 5VZ-FE (3.4 l) engines.

Body electrical equipment. The inclusion of thermal fuses. Replacing the fuses. Identification of connectors. Relays and fuses. Egnition lock. Headlights and lighting. Screen wipers and washers. A combination of devices. Rear door glass heater. Electric drive of an additional rear mirror. Electric windows. AC socket with a voltage of 100 V (since 08.1998). Central locking. Rear door window lifter. Central locking remote control system (since 08.1998). Electric sunroof. System for adjusting the position of outside mirrors. The warning system about the left key in the ignition lock. Sound signal. Clock. Cigarette lighter.

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1996-2002 4Runner EWD Download

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