2004-2010 Toyota Scion xA/tC/xB Service Repair Manual & EWD

Toyota battery fast discharge

Battery discharge is an unpleasant and very common phenomenon. In fact, almost every car owner has encountered it. Starting the engine, he suddenly realizes that it is impossible to do this for one simple reason: the battery is discharged. And it's one thing if the latter has already worked out its term and requires replacement, but it is another thing when it is, in fact, new.

- Accumulator battery

As already mentioned, the battery may simply require replacement when working out its resource. However, the breakdown can be premature, and the reasons for this are as follows:

Electrolyte problems;

Short circuit in the network;

Sulfation (deposition of lead sulfate on the electrodes, reducing the capacity) of the plates;

Premature shedding of the active mass due to vibrations and shocks.

- Generator

Generator breakdowns lead to insufficient volume or a complete lack of charge. Another problem is a weakened belt, due to which the amount of electricity generated will not be enough.

- Onboard network

Sometimes the battery is quickly discharged due to a leakage current in the electrical equipment of the machine. This happens if the electrical wiring in it has worked out its resource or there are gaps in it.

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2006 Scion xB Parking Brake Download

2006 Scion xB Mirror Download

2006 Scion xB Meter Download

2006 Scion xB Manual Transaxle Download

2006 Scion xB Maintenance Download

2006 Scion xB Lubrication Download

2006 Scion xB Lighting Download

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