"Secret" chips Toyota RAV4

On-board computer power saving mode and battery. discharge protection.

The on-board computer has a built-in power saving mode and protection against battery discharge. If you accidentally leave the side lights on at night, close the car and go home, then when the charge level drops to a certain limit, the dimensions will turn off automatically. Thanks to this, in the morning it will be possible to start the car, and not look for charging.

Ability to disable the motion sensor.

The built-in alarm system has the ability to disable the motion sensor. This is useful if you need to leave an animal inside the car - for example, in a store parking lot. The alarm will not make noise, frightening the dog and passers-by while you are away.

System follow me home.

Pulling out the key and turning on the high beam activates the light path for the vehicle. The time of its operation can be set for 30, 60 or 90 seconds - the light "guides" you to the entrance and turns off. It is important, however, to face wherever you go...

The bottom of the trunk can be adjusted.

The bottom of the trunk can be adjusted to a comfortable height from the on-board computer: increase the volume of the trunk, or make the floor level with the bumper to make it easier to load large items.

The system does not include daytime running lights.

The system does not turn on the daytime running lights if the vehicle is on the handbrake when starting the engine. The headlights also turn off automatically during long periods of parking with the engine running. So you can wait for a passenger on the side of the road without attracting undue attention to yourself.

Headlight washer.

If the dipped or main beam is on, the headlights will also be washed with every fifth wiper.

If you accidentally leave your car with open windows.

If you accidentally leave the car with the windows open and leave, they will automatically close 20 seconds after the engine is turned off.

All parts of the body, engine, transmission, interior are marked with 10,000 T-Mark microdots, which are unique for each car, linked to its VIN number and embedded in the alarm system. An interesting additional way to protect against theft.

In some trim levels, the climate control system does not turn off if you turn off the air conditioner. It will maintain the temperature in the passenger compartment by automatically regulating and redirecting the air flow in the passenger compartment. So if you are afraid of catching a cold from the air conditioner or you just do not like it when the cold air blows, you can turn it off. Provided that it is not too hot or not too cold outside, the system will cope with maintaining the set temperature even without forced air cooling.

Did you know that Toyota cars would have to be called Toyoda - after the creator Kiichiro Toyoda? However, in order to write this hieroglyph, it was necessary to make such a number of brush movements, which in Japan is considered unlucky. Changed spelling. Based on the sales results, the decision was correct.

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