1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen / Holden Commodore Service Repair Manuals

Lexcen / Holden Commodore

The main reasons for repairing a Toyota Toyota Lexcen car are physical damage to units, as well as the loss of the original properties of parts due to natural wear of metals or clogging of units with combustion products. This may arise due to various factors: the use of low-quality fuel; violation of the rules for the operation of the car; the use of consumables that do not correspond to the characteristics of the car; accidents and road accidents; * use of the car in extreme conditions.


The list of factors is quite extensive, however, it does not reflect all the causes of problems, as other cases may occur, for example, factory defects or malfunctions of the on-board computer. In any case, immediately before repairing a Toyota Lexcen car, diagnostics are carried out.

Troubleshooting Toyota Toyota Lexcen

Different diagnostic methods are used depending on the specific problem and vehicle specifications. To check for malfunctions of the chassis, a visual inspection and testing is carried out on special stands that create the conditions necessary for detecting a malfunction. Based on the diagnostic results, Toyota Lexcen can be repaired.


Modern car models are equipped with on-board computers and self-diagnosis systems, which are able to quickly show the malfunction and its nature. To do this, in some cases, you will need to connect special equipment. But even with such a diagnosis, there is no way to get away from a visual inspection of the unit, since it is the "live" inspection that helps to identify problems that are inaccessible to electronics.

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Engine Tune-up & Maintenance Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Emission Control Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen V6 Engine Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen V8 Engine Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Starter System Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Alternator System Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Cooling System Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Ignition System  Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Fuel System Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Clutch Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Automatic Transmission  Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen 5 Speed Manual Transmission  Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Tail/Drive Shaft  Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Rear Axle Download 

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Steering Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Front Suspension Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Air Bag Safety System Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Rear Suspension Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Brake Systems Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Wheels and Tires Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Exhaust System Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Windscreen Wipers & Washers Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Body Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Heating & Air Conditioning  Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Instruments, Radio – Tape Player & Switches Download

1993-1997 Toyota Lexcen Lights, Switches & Battery Systems Download

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