Toyota Problems Catalytic Converter

All modern Toyota models are equipped with a device such as a catalyst. It converts toxic exhaust gases into other, less environmentally hazardous compounds. Catalyst breakdowns have a negative effect on engine operation: it starts to heat up, and its power parameters decrease, and the “Check Engine” indicator lights up on the dashboard.

Causes and signs that the catalyst is clogged

The resource of the catalyst is not eternal, on average it is from three to five years. Its duration is influenced by the following factors:

  • The quality of the fuel used;
  • The quality of the fuel-air mixture;
  • Regularity and timeliness of replacement of spark plugs, their quality;
  • The presence of mechanical stress.

If the operating conditions are not met, the neutralizer begins to deteriorate, which is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty starting an internal combustion engine;
  • The car moves with difficulty up to a certain speed, and then suddenly the problem disappears and the movement continues as usual;
  • Fuel consumption increases with a decrease in dynamics;
  • The corresponding indication on the dashboard lights up.

Occasionally, the driver hears an unusual rattling sound generated by fragments of ceramic honeycomb.

Dismantling the catalyst for visual inspection. It can be fraught with a number of difficulties, due to the complexity of the system, which requires more than one day for disassembly or adhesion of an element;

Checking the pressure in the intake system using a pressure gauge. Readings are taken from it in different operating modes;


The tactics of further actions are determined taking into account the results obtained and may consist in purging the neutralizer or its complete replacement.

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