RAV4 2004 Toyota Service & Workshop Manual

The purpose of this manual is to help you operate, maintain and repair your vehicle as efficiently as possible. The book will help you decide what kind of work should be done to maintain and repair your car, even if you decide to contact a dealer car service or workshop; it will provide you with reliable information about the ongoing maintenance of the car, will familiarize you with the diagnostic and repair procedures that must be followed in the event of a malfunction. We hope this Guide will help you in your independent work. By doing many simple jobs with your own hands, you can save time on trips to the workshop and a decent amount on paying for the work of mechanics and other expenses.



1. Instruction manual

2. Maintenance

3. Engines - Model Year 2000 and Earlier

4. Engines - Model Year 2001 and Earlier

5. Procedures for removing and rebuilding the engine.

6. Cooling, heating and ventilation system

7. Fuel system and exhaust system.

8. Engine electrical systems

9. Gas neutralization and engine management system.

10. Mechanical transmission

11. Automatic transmission

12. Clutch and drive shafts

13. Braking system

14. Suspension and steering.

15. Body

16. Body electrical equipment.

17. Troubleshooting

18. Wiring diagrams.

Toyota RAV4 2000-2005 Repair Manual Download

Toyota RAV4 2000-2005 Wiring Diagram Download

Toyota RAV4 2004 ABS With EBD & BA & Track – Diagnostic Download

Toyota RAV4 2005 ABS With EBD & BA & Track – Diagnostic

Toyota RAV4 2005 Engine Diagnostic Download

Toyota RAV4 2001-2005 Repair Manual Download

Rav4 2004 ABS With EBD & BA & TRAC & VSC System – Diagnostics Download

Rav4 2004 BRAKES ABS And VSC Actuator Download

Rav4 2004 Air Bag Restraint Systems Download

Rav4 2004 Audio System Download

Rav4 2001-05 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS U140F Overhaul Download

Rav4 2001-05 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS U240E & U241E Overhaul Download

Rav4 2004 BRAKES Disc & Drum Download

Rav4 2004 Generators & Regulators Download

Rav4 2004 Clutch Download

Rav4 2004 Electric Cooling Fans Download

Rav4 2004 Cooling Download

Rav4 2004 Cruise Control System – Diagnostics Download

Rav4 2004 Specifications & Drive Belt Routing Download

Rav4 2004 Propeller Shaft Download


Rav4 2004 Emission Control Download

Rav4 2004 Engine – Diagnostics Download

Rav4 2004 Engine Mechanical (Service Specifications) Download

Rav4 2004 Engine Mechanical Download

Rav4 2004 Exhaust System Download

Rav4 2004 Axle Shafts – Front Download

Rav4 2004 Front Wiper & Washer Download

Rav4 2004 Fuses & Circuit Breakers Download

Rav4 2004 Horn Download

Rav4 2004 Air Conditioning Download

Rav4 2004 Ignition Download

Rav4 2004 Instrument Panel Download

Rav4 2004 Lubrication Download

Rav4 2004 Manual Transaxle Download

Rav4 2004 Power Door Lock Control System Download

Rav4 2004 Power Steering Gear Download

Rav4 2004 Power Window Control System Download

Rav4 2004 Axle Shafts – Rear Download

Rav4 2004 Rear Differential Carrier (4WD) Download

Rav4 2004 Rear Differential Front Oil Seal (4WD) Download

Rav4 2004 Rear Wiper & Washer Download

Rav4 2004 Service Reminder Indicators Download

Rav4 2004 SFI Download

Rav4 2004 Starters Download

Rav4 2004 Steering Wheel Download


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