Toyota engine won't start.

Reasons why the car will not start


Brushes or bearings are worn out;

Closing the electrical wiring;

The contacts are oxidized.

Generator or battery

The generator is out of order;

The alternator belt is torn;

The battery is dead.

Spark plug

The electrode of the candle is worn out;

Carbon deposits on candles;

Broken plug connector.

Electronic engine control module

Corrosion processes of the case after moisture ingress;

Damage to contacts on internal boards due to corrosion.

Fuel supply system to the engine

The fuel pump is out of order;

Damage to the fuel hose;

Clogged fuel filter.

Other reasons

Cylinder pressure deficiency;

Stretching the timing chain or belt;

Lack of contact of ignition wires;

Failure of the camshaft and crankshaft position sensors, oxygen, idle.

Toyota does not turn starter

The reasons why the Toyota starter does not turn can be very diverse, and this breakdown itself is very unpleasant for the owner, since it does not allow the engine to start. The starter motor may not start at all, or it may turn on, but not have enough power to start the crankshaft. The result is always the same: the inability to move.

Does not turn on

  • Complete absence or insufficiently good contact in the circuit;
  • The starter retractor relay has broken;
  • Malfunctions in the functioning of the contacts of the ignition switch;
  • Stiff drive
  • Starter clutch slips.

Clicks, but does not start the crankshaft

  • Starter brushes or bushings are worn out;
  • Starter windings shorted or broken.

Crankshaft rotation is too slow, due to which the internal combustion engine does not start

  • The viscosity level of the engine oil does not correspond to the temperature regime;
  • The battery is discharged;
  • Insufficiently good brush contact or lack thereof;
  • Poor tightening of cable lugs leading to the starter.
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    Ferry Abdel bar Ahmed (Thursday, 22 September 2022 22:04)

    toyota crolla 2004 automatic ..engine don't operate directly every time becaus failure in control system...model 1600 cc

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    Emmanuel 514 (Friday, 20 May 2022 13:36)

    Very helpful information.