Toyota Camry XV70 life hacks

Wipers replacement mode

You turn off the car and pull the courtyard towards you (about 5 seconds) until they rise, then you can conveniently change the brushes without scratching the hood.

System follow me home

you turn off the car and pull the high-beam switch towards you, after you go out, close the car and the high-beam will accompany you for about 30 seconds.

turn off the auto handbrake (for the winter)

Press the parking brake button (press from above) and hold until the inscription about the auto parking brake disconnection appears.

disable headlight washer

We open the hood, remove the cover of the fuse box at the left fender. We take out the fuse for 30A, the second from the headlight, with tweezers or two small flat screwdrivers, and move it to an empty cell until warm weather, I have it above this fuse. Well, or we hide the fuse in the glove compartment, if there are no empty cells)

(30A H-LP CLN fuse)

How to disable automatic lowering of the rear curtain

We disassemble the rear shelf, get to the Toyota 64350-33030 unit (on the right at the rear pillar, on the left if you look from the cabin), disconnect (or cut) the turquoise wire. And the issue is resolved

(Or if you have experience with Techstream

Connect -} customize setting -} other -} R-pos to rear sun shade COM. set to OFF)

How to mute the sound, MUTE mode

We hold the button on the steering wheel MODE.

Economy key mode

Press the close button on the remote control and simultaneously press the open button 2 times. Now your key does not see the car, return the whole thing with the open button.

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