RAV4 2005 Toyota Service & Workshop Manual & EWD

The repair manual, which you can download in a few seconds, will help you in any difficult situation. Even an inexperienced motorist can use e-books on car repair in PDF format. You need a smartphone or computer.

Repair, operation and maintenance manual for Toyota RAV4 2000-2005. release with left-hand drive, equipped with a 1AZ-FE engine (2.0 l.). Repair of Toyota RAV4. Consumable spare parts catalog. Recommendations

Rav4 2005 System Wiring Diagram Download

Rav4 2005 ABS With EBD & BA & TRAC & VSC System – Diagnostics Download

Rav4 2005 Supplemental Restraint System – Diagnostics Download

Rav4 2005 Supplemental Restraint System Download

Rav4 2005 Anti-Lock Brake System With Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) – Diagnostics Download

Rav4 2005 Audio System Download

Rav4 2005 Automatic Transmissions U140F Overhaul Download

Rav4 2005 Automatic Transmissions U240E & U241E Overhaul Download

Rav4 2005 Body Electrical – Troubleshooting Download

Rav4 2005 Brakes Download

Rav4 2005 Air Refiner Filter & Air Conditioning Filter Download

Rav4 2005 Charging Download

Rav4 2005 Clutch Download

Rav4 2005 Cooling Download

Rav4 2005 Cruise Control System – Diagnostics Download

Rav4 2005 Cruise Control System – Diagnostics 2 Download

Rav4 2005 Defogger System Download

Rav4 2005 Propeller Shaft Download


Rav4 2005 Emission Control Download

Rav4 2005 Engine Mechanical Download

Rav4 2005 Engine – Diagnostics Download

Rav4 2005 Front Seat Download

Rav4 2005 Power Source Download

Rav4 2005 HVAC Air Conditioning Download

Rav4 2005 Ignition Download

Rav4 2005 Interior Light System Download

Rav4 2005 Instrument Panel Download

Rav4 2005 Lubrication Download

Rav4 2005 Manual Transaxle Download

Rav4 2005 Power Door Lock Control Download

Rav4 2005 System Download

Rav4 2005 Power Mirror Control System Download

Rav4 2005 Power Window Control System Download

Rav4 2005 Preparation Download

Rav4 2005 Service Reminder Indicators Download

Rav4 2005 Seat Heater System Download

Rav4 2005 Service Specifications Download

Rav4 2005 SFI Download

Rav4 2005 Starting Download

Rav4 2005 Steering Download

Rav4 2005 Sliding Roof System Download

Rav4 2005 Sliding Roof Download

Rav4 2005 Suspension & Axle Download

Rav4 2005 Quarter Window Glass Download

Rav4 2005 Wiper & Washer System Download

Rav4 2005 Front Wiper And Washer Download

Rav4 2005 Rear Wiper And Washer Download

The Toyota RAV4 is available in 3- and 5-door body styles. These vehicles are equipped with transverse in-line 4-cylinder engines. The engine power system is electronically controlled fuel injection. Drive from the engine to the front wheels is via a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission with independent drive shafts.

On AWD models, rear-wheel drive is via a propeller shaft, rear differential and two rear drive shafts. The suspension is completely independent. There are MacPherson struts in the front, longitudinal and transverse levers, coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers in the back. The rack and pinion steering gear is mounted on the front suspension cross member.

The front brakes are disc, and the rear brakes can be either disc or drum, depending on the model. A standard power steering is used in the steering. On some models, ABS (anti-lock braking system) is available as an option. This part of Chapter 2 describes the procedures for removing the engine from the vehicle and general procedures for repairing the cylinder head, cylinder block, and all other internal components. This part contains information from advice on preparing for repair and selection of spare parts to detailed, step-by-step, descriptions of procedures for removing, inspecting, rebuilding and installing internal engine components.

All information refers to the situation when the engine has already been removed from the vehicle. Refer to chapter 2A, 2B, or 2B for information on repairing an engine not removed from the vehicle, as well as information on removing and repairing external engine components that do not require removal of the engine. This chapter contains only those Specifications that are necessary for carrying out repair operations. Additional Specifications are given in the appropriate chapters (2A, 2B and 2B). It is not always easy to decide when, or whether or not to overhaul an engine, as there are many factors to consider.

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