Toyota Carplay. Firmware and Installation

This update is for 2018 Toyota vehicles that do not have Apple CarPlay as part of their package.

Activation of original Toyota CarPlay and Android Auto

This procedure does not affect the warranty.

All updates can be downloaded here for free


1. We take a flash drive min 8GB and format it in FAT32

2. Download the required archive (Links below)

3. Unzip the archive to a USB flash drive. Do everything according to the instructions:

Disable check for updates

4. Insert a USB flash drive, the update process will start. During the process, the radio may reboot several times. Further, to continue the installation at some point, it will be necessary to turn on / off the dimensions 3 times.


At the end of the installation, I saw a blue screen with an inscription that the new software was installed. The whole procedure took about 50 minutes. I pulled out the flash drive, turned it off and started the car again.

After the update, the CAR PLAY option appeared in the menu.

2018 Camry Carplay Update TSB & Update Files


T-SB-0057-19 Camry Audio Plus/Premium – Panasonic for those who have regular navigation


T-SB-0055-19 Camry Base Audio – Pioneer for those who do not have regular navigation

Update Files for Camry


2018 Sienna Carplay Update TSB & Update Files

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