Toyota Scion xD 2008-10  Service Repair Manual. Wiring Diagrams

Beats the steering wheel of a Toyota car when braking

Toyota's steering wheel wobble when braking is always a warning sign. Its causes may be different, but they are always associated with malfunctions in the braking system, therefore, they require immediate contact for professional auto repair help. Only by establishing and eliminating the cause of this phenomenon can you drive safely.

Toyota - cars that want to drive fast, their owners often practice an aggressive driving style. Brake discs heat up during sudden braking and acceleration, and if they are followed by a sharp cooling (falling into snow or water), their deformation may occur.


It is also facilitated by mechanical impacts when hitting curbs or hitting a wheel in a hole. The result is uneven adhesion to the surface of the discs, increased wear, insufficient braking performance and vibrations that manifest themselves in the form of beating in the steering wheel when the Toyota brake is pressed. Other reasons may include the following:

  • imbalance of wheels;
  • seriously worn steering rack;
  • worn out steering rods;
  • failure of ball joints;
  • the need to replace silent blocks;
  • mechanical damage to the propeller shaft;
  • mechanical damage to wheel drives.

The vibrations created in the process lead to accelerated wear of the elements of the chassis and steering systems. Do not forget about the decrease in the level of security.

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2ZR-FE Engine

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2008-2010 Steering Column Download

2008-2010 Suspension Download

2008-2010 Tire & Wheel Download

2008-2010 Brake System Download

2008-2010 Parking Brake Download

2008-2010 Brake Control Download

2008-2010 Cruise Control Download

2008-2010 Door Lock Download

2008-2010 Engine Hood/Door Download

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2008-2010 Meter Download

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2008-2010 Toyota Scion xD  System Wiring Diagrams

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2008-2010 Component Locations Download

2008-2010 Other Systems Download

2008-2010 Relay Locations Download

2008-2010 Relay Locations II Download

2008-2010 Ground Point Download

2008-2010 ABS , TRAC , VSC Download

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2008-2010 Back Door Opener Download

2008-2010 Back-Up Light Download

2008-2010 Charging Download

2008-2010 Clock Download

2008-2010 Combination Meter Download

2008-2010 Cooling Fan Download

2008-2010 Cruise Control Download

2008-2010 Data Link Connector 3 Download


2008-2010 Manual A/C Circuit Download

2008-2010 Anti-lock Brakes Circuit. W/ VSC Download

2008-2010 Anti-lock Brakes Circuit, W/O VSC Download

2008-2010 Body Control Modules Circuit Download

2008-2010 Computer Data Lines Circuit Download

2008-2010 Cooling Fan Circuit Download

2008-2010 Cruise Control Circuit Download

2008-2010 Defoggers Circuit Download

2008-2010 Electronic Power Steering Circuit Download

2008-2010 1.8L, Engine Performance Circuit Download

2008-2010 Backup Lamps Circuit Download

2008-2010 Exterior Lamps Circuit Download

2008-2010 Ground Distribution Circuit Download

2008-2010 Headlights Circuit Download

2008-2010 Horn Circuit Download

2008-2010 Instrument Cluster Circuit Download

2008-2010 Courtesy Lamps Circuit Download

2008-2010 Instrument Illumination Circuit Download

2008-2010 Power Distribution Circuit Download

2008-2010 Power Door Locks Circuit Download

2008-2010 Power Mirrors Circuit Download

2008-2010 Power Windows Circuit Download

2008-2010 Radio Circuit Download

2008-2010 Shift Interlock Circuit Download

2008-2010 Charging Circuit Download

2008-2010 Starting Circuit Download

2008-2010 Supplemental Restraints Circuit Download

2008-2010 Transmission Circuit Download

2008-2010 Back Door Opener Circuit Download

2008-2010 Key Reminder & Seat Belt Warning Circuit Download

2008-2010 Tire Pressure Monitoring Circuit Download

2008-2010 Front Wiper/Washer Circuit Download

2008-2010 Rear Wiper/Washer Circuit Download

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