Lexus GS 430/300 Workshop Manuals. Wiring Diagram

A collection of maintenance and repair manuals + wiring diagrams for Lexus GS300/430 cars in JZS160 and UZS161 bodies.

Fuse and Relay location. DTC. Position of Parts in Engine Compartment

Repair manual, maintenance manual, diagnostics, wiring diagrams, body dimensions, service specifications are presented in Russian. Wiring diagrams in English. The information is based on Lexus GS430/300 2005 model year.

The Lexus GS430/300 manual provides a detailed description of the repair and diagnostics of all components and assemblies of the vehicle, including color electrical diagrams, tightening torques, the process of assembling and disassembling the engine and other components and assemblies, body dimensions for body drawing, detailed repair of automatic transmission and manual transmission, repair clutch, steering, air conditioning, all electrical devices and control units, pinout of all connectors, necessary special tools, as well as other useful information. The information is based on Lexus GS430/300 with left and right hand drive.

Lexus GS430/300 Service Information Library

Lexus GS430/300 Service Repair Manual Download

Anti-Rust Treatment Download

Body Dimension Download

Introduction Download

Plastic Body Parts Download

Body Panel Replacement Download

Body Repair Manual Download

Chassis Download

Engine 2JZ-GE Repair Manual Download

Automatic Transmission Repair Manual Download

Service Specifications Download

Air Conditioning Download

Automatic Transmission Download

Body Repair Download

Brake Download

Charging Download

Cooling Download

Diagnostics DTC Download

Emission Control Download

Engine Mechanical Download

Electronic Fuel Injection Download

Ignition Download

Introduction Download

Lubrication Download

Maintenance Download

Preparation Download

Propeller Shaft Download

Supplemental Restrain System Download

Suspension and Axle Download

Steering Download

Service Specification Download

Starting Download

Brake RM694E Download

Service Specification RM694E Download

Emission Control 2JZ-GE Download

Electronic Fuel Injection 2JZ-GE Download

Ignition 2JZ-GE Download

Charging 2JZ-GE Download

Service Specification 2JZ-GE Download

Charging (3UZ-FE) Download

Cooling (3UZ-FE) Download

Diagnostics DTC RM786E Download

Emission Control (3UZ-FE) Download

Engine Mechanical (3UZ-FE) Download

Electronic Fuel Injection (3UZ-FE) Download

Ignition (3UZ-FE) Download

Lubrication (3UZ-FE) Download

Steering (3UZ-FE) Download

Starting (3UZ-FE) Download

Position of Parts in Engine Compartment (RHD 3GR-FE/FSE) (3UZ-FE) Download

Position of Parts in Engine Compartment (LHD 3GR-FE) Download

Air Conditioning RM786E Download

Automatic Transmission RM786E Download

Automatic Transmission RM794U Download

Body RM786E Download

Brake RM786E Download

Introduction RM786E Download


Maintenance (3UZ-FE) (2JZ-GE) Download

Preparation RM786E Download

Supplemental Restrain System RM786E Download

Suspension and Axle GS 430 Download

Service Specification RM786E Download

Lexus Service Bulletin Download

Lexus GS430/300 Electrical Wiring Diagram

GS430/300 Body Electrical Download

Body Electrical RM588E Download

Body Electrical RM694E Download

Body Electrical RM786E Download


EWD Troubleshooting Download

Glossary of Terms and Symbols Download

Fuse and Relay Diagram Download

Electrical Wiring Routing Download

Electrical Wiring Diagram Download

Overall Electrical Wiring Diagrams Download



Fuse and Relay Diagram EWD423E Download

Electrical Wiring Routing EWD423E Download

Connecnor List Download

Part Number of Connectors Download

Overall Electrical Wiring Diagrams EWD423E Download


GS300 Connecnor List SB016W Download

Overall Electrical Wiring Diagrams SB016W Download


Fuse and Relay Diagram SB054W Download

GS 300 Connecnor List SB054W Download

Overall Electrical Wiring Diagrams SB054W Download


Electrical Wiring Routing SB079W Download

Overall Electrical Wiring Diagrams SB079W Download

Lexus GS430/300 Gen.3

GSIII appeared in 03/2005, 10/2007 survived restyling and ended production on 04/2011,

Of the models for the entire period were produced - GS300, GS300AWD, GS350AWD, GS350AWD GS430, GS450h, GS460. There were also Arab GS, but I don’t know any features of operation from them.


If you liked the car, the first thing I would pay attention to is the number of owners and the year of manufacture.


Suspension, everything is quite reliable and simple, there are no special problems with it. Until 2008, the GS300 had ordinary shock absorbers, after restyling, starting from the GS300 and ending with the GS460, they installed adjustable shock absorbers for stiffness.


Electrician, does not cause trouble if the car is not a bit! Everything is very reliable! Mostly they complain about the failure of xenon and ignition units .... But this is after 4-5 years. There are also jambs from a poorly installed alarm. My advice, if you have already purchased a car, do not be lazy, put in a fresh “secret police”. The old one is already morally and technically obsolete 100%


Body, no problem. It strains the disgusting paintwork, but this applies to all Toyotas and Lexuses .... Chips appear instantly! It is better to "worry" about polishing, etc. the car will please you longer. Chrome also “blooms” from chemistry in winter.

Brakes, Some regretted that with increased movement they "float", i.e. Do not withstand high temperatures. What I agree with is that it reduces the resource of the front pads by and front brake discs


There are constructive solutions or, so to speak, an engineering miscalculation, sour rear caliper guides. At each MOT, require an audit and lubricate the guides! If you miss, you can choose a repair kit or replace the entire caliper assembly


Steering, on all GSah there is an electric power steering, unfortunately the resource of the rack is about Some tried to repair it on their own, but it doesn’t work out cheaply and beautifully, it’s easier to buy everything as an assembly and replace it.


Heater and air conditioner. There are no special problems either, keep an eye on the coolant level in the tank, you need to check it not in the expansion tank, but in the radiator itself, and on a cold engine! and periodically clean the radiator from dirt. Sometimes cases occur due to the design of climate control dampers, but everything is calmly diagnosed and treated. Still in the presence of "crooked hands" and try to replace the cabin filter on your own, they break the drive damper! Attention! Be careful! Cabin filter is better to put the corner and change it every

There is a jamb with the drainage of the air conditioner, the drainage itself is clogged from autumn leaves and dirt, it is treated only by cleaning this very drainage. It is located very inconveniently and is not easily accessible.

Engine. The main problem is a design defect in the cooling of the 5th cylinder! (All this applies only to V6 3-3.5L engines, there are no problems with V8 GS430, GS460).


The Japanese don't want to recognize this as a marriage! Many are faced with a lack of compression of the 5th cylinder. It seems that there is an opinion that after restyling they changed the design of the engine.


The problem of the 5th cylinder occurs after about, but this is very conditional !!! or later, there are cases when the car quietly departed without any problems, though one owner.


So let's conclude: in order to prevent the problem of the 5th cylinder, there are two relatively simple rules, this is a clean radiator (it is better to wash it about once a year, it all depends on operation) and original oils with filters! Plus time to pass MOT! This is certainly not a panacea, but if you follow the car, everything will be ok.

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