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LPG VS Electro: Comparison of Toyota Forklift Trucks

Choosing the right forklift is one of the most important aspects of optimizing warehouse operations. After all, when warehouse equipment effectively copes with the tasks set, your business also works like clockwork - without downtime and loss of profit. Most often, doubts arise when choosing between gas and electric trucks. They are quieter and more environmentally friendly than diesel models, but they have several significant differences:


Replacing a gas cylinder is easier than replacing a battery, but one battery is sufficient for most two-shift refueling jobs.

The purchase of an electric forklift will cost more than gas-powered equipment, but the total cost of ownership is lower.

So which type of forklift should you choose? Let's try to figure out in which cases it is better to use each of them.

First, let's take a look at the pros and cons of an electric forklift. This technique is definitely your choice if:


Reloading works are mainly carried out indoors.

Maintaining a sterile environment (moving pharmaceuticals, food, etc.) is required.

The storage room is not well ventilated.

We also highlight such advantages of electric forklifts as quiet operation, ease of maintenance due to a minimum of moving parts. Also, you do not need to set aside a special place in the warehouse for storing potentially hazardous fuels.

Limitations on the use of electric forklifts

With all its advantages, it is not rational to use an electric forklift when:


Reloading works are carried out mainly in open areas.

The air temperature in the warehouse drops below + 10 ℃ (this reduces the battery capacity of the truck).

It is not possible to organize a separate room for charging batteries.

The work is carried out in several shifts, so replacing the batteries will take up valuable time. Note that the energy efficiency indicators of Toyota equipment are among the best in the world, so 1 battery charge is enough for 9 hours of operation.

The floor in the warehouse is uneven or gravel is used as a covering.

Also, buying an electric forklift will cost more than a gas-powered model. You will fully recoup your costs in a couple of years, though, as electric forklifts have the lowest cost of ownership of any other type of forklift.

When is it worth choosing a Toyota LPG forklift?

Clients often ask us a question - is it possible to use LPG trucks indoors? Indeed, during their operation, much less exhaust emissions are emitted than when a diesel engine is operating.


The answer is yes, but within a short period of time. And provided that the warehouse has a powerful ventilation system, of course! So if your forklift will work on the street most of the time, sometimes driving inside the warehouse, the gas-petrol model will be a good choice.


The features of gas forklifts make their purchase optimal when:


1. Reloading works are mainly carried out on the street.

2. There is a need to work at low air temperatures.

3.In a warehouse or an open area, the surface is uneven, the equipment will move on gravel or soil.


There are other advantages of gas powered trucks: for example, replacing a propane cylinder takes less time than charging a battery, and engine power does not decrease throughout the entire work shift.

A technique with a gas engine is definitely not your choice if:


It is necessary to move medicines, food and other goods that require maintaining a sterile environment.

The loader will work primarily inside the warehouse.

Also keep in mind that fuel costs can fluctuate depending on price changes. Therefore, you should not buy a gas forklift, solely in an attempt to save money: yes, its price is lower than that of an electric one, but gas is more expensive than electricity, and the engine requires periodic maintenance.


As you can see, each of the loaders has its own characteristics, and it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question - which one is better? Always select a loader based on the conditions of your warehouse, as well as the tasks assigned to the warehouse equipment.


One thing is for sure - regardless of the type of engine, all Toyota trucks are durable and of true Japanese quality. Already a few years later, at first glance, an expensive purchase will fully pay off due to the absence of breakdowns leading to downtime in the warehouse.

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