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ECUSafe 2.0 Full Download

ECUSafe is a program for removing particulate filter (DPF), EGR sensor from firmware.


The ECUSafe program is very common and well-known in its circles, has a very clear interface, has great functionality and supports a huge number of cars and ECUs.


Actually what the notorious ECUSafe can do and what it is actually written for. It mainly serves for beginners for those who, at low cost and knowledge in the field of chip tuning, want to get the maximum result. Namely, it allows you to turn off the oxygen sensors of the car, thereby transferring the engine from the Euro 3 to Euro 2 toxicity standard. Software shutdown of the FAP particulate filter in diesel cars, to remove it physically and much more.


But do not forget, and specialists in the field of chip tuning are well aware of the actions of similar programs on car software, often such programs cut out the entire mask of errors in the dump and after that, the car drives fine and works for the time being. As soon as he has some kind of malfunction in his work and does not signal this, that is, the check does not light up, and the motorist continues to drive without suspecting anything further. In this case, one malfunction pulls another and the owner simply ends up with expensive repairs. Plus, you need to find a normal native firmware, return it back, so that you can diagnose all systems and identify a malfunction.

Egr, dpf, immo, airbag. Toyota 4 DKeyTool 1.2

TECU3 diagnostic program for Chery Tiggo, Toyota, Nissan, Daihatsu

The program is equipped with a friendly interface, reads/deletes errors, displays vehicle parameters in real time. The program only works with the KL-line (K-line) adapter. The ELM327 interface does not work with the program.

Toyota/Lexus Reprogramming

Description: Calibration disk for updating software P/N 00456-REPRG-001 Engine and automatic transmission ECU.

Works with TIS Techstream and other J2534 devices.

The program loader is present on the disk.

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