Lexus IS200, IS300 Workshop Manuals. Wiring Diagram

Repair Manuals Lexus IS200 -1999-2005:

1999-2005 Lexus IS 200 Wiring Diagram

Lexus IS300 Workshop Manuals.

Body repair (schemes of fastening of all body parts of the car)

User manual (detailed description of the whole car)

Lexus IS200

Lexus IS200 Body Repair Manual Download

Lexus IS200 Body Panel Replacement Download

Lexus IS200 Air Conditioner System Download

Lexus IS200 Air Conditioner compressor magnetic clutch Download

Lexus IS200 Air Conditioner Control Assembly Download

Lexus IS200 Automatic Transmission (RM690E) Download

Lexus IS200 Automatic Transmission (RM684E) Download

Lexus IS200 Manual Transmission Download

Lexus IS200 Body Repair Download

Lexus IS200 Brake System Download

Lexus IS200 Charging System Download

Lexus IS200 Propeller Shaft Download

Lexus IS200 Supplemental Restrain System Download

Lexus IS200 Service Specification Download

Lexus IS200 Starting - Starter Download

Lexus IS200 Clutch Download

Lexus IS200 Cooling Download

Lexus IS200 Diagnostics Download

Lexus IS200 Emission Control Download

Lexus IS200 Engine Mechanical Download

Lexus IS200 Electronic Fuel Injection Download

Lexus IS200 Ignition Download

Lexus IS200 Introduction Download

Lexus IS200 Introduction (RM690E) Download

Lexus IS200 Lubrication Download

Lexus IS200 Maintenance Download

Lexus IS200 Preparation Download

Lexus IS200 Preparation (RM690E) Download

Lexus IS200 Suspension and Axle Download

Lexus IS200 Steering Download

Lexus IS200

Lexus IS200/IS300 Electrical Wiring Diagrams. Fuse and Relay

Lexus IS200 Body Electrical System (1) Download

Lexus IS200 Body Electrical System (2) Download

Lexus IS200 Body Electrical System (3) Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Electrical Wiring Diagrams Download

Lexus IS300 (XE10; 2001-2005) fuses and relay Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 (EWD452E) Relay Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Electrical Wiring Routing Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Overall Electrical Wiring Diagram Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Connector List Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Part Number of Connectors Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 (RM870E)

Lexus IS200/IS300 Automatic Transmission (RM870E) Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Air Conditioner Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Body Electrical Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Body Repair Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Brake System Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Charging System (2JZ-GE) Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Cooling (2JZ-GE) Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Diagnostics (2JZ-GE) Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Emission Control (2JZ-GE) Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Engine Mechanical (2JZ-GE) Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Electronic Fuel Injection (2JZ-GE) Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Ignition (2JZ-GE) Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Lubrication (2JZ-GE) Download

Lexus IS200/IS300 Starting - Starter (2JZ-GE) Download


Lexus IS200, IS300

And the Lexus IS series car is designed to be one of the elite: its place is in a small cohort of prestigious cars with a classic layout with a sporty character. It differs from modern BMW and Mercedes in its image and modern design. The rest is in accordance with the caste canons of the “classics”: an in-line six-cylinder engine, rear-wheel drive, sharp steering and a driver-oriented interior.


The car is more common in the sedan version. Less common is the SportCross station wagon (since 2001). They tried to make the station wagon body especially rigid, and to facilitate the fifth door is made of aluminum. This car is not for economic owners: its trunk is not particularly spacious (400/620 l), and the design is emphasized swift. Protection of Lexus IS body parts is reliable (galvanization plus high-quality coating, warranty - 12 years). However, due to their "turbulent" nature, many cars have been in accidents, so when buying a front end, you need to examine with special attention.


Three-liter IS 300 cars (24V, 214 hp, since 2001) are not easy to find; more often comes across the IS 200 Sport version with a stiffer suspension, 215/45 R17 tires and a “sporty” interior trim. A big rarity is the IS200 Compressor modification (2.0 l 24V, mechanical supercharger, 186 hp).

Even the oldest IS do not cause any complaints on the mechanical side. However, the throttle valve is often contaminated, and injection system nozzles suffer from low-quality gasoline (all of these parts must be cleaned or replaced). The mesh of the fuel receiver in the tank must be cleaned at each replacement of the gasoline filter located in the same place (40 thousand km). Masters recommend changing the timing belt every 100 thousand km. At the same mileage, valve clearances are adjusted, traditionally for Toyota Motor Co products. Ltd. not equipped with hydraulic lifters.

Mechanical gearbox (6 steps, oil change after 40 thousand km) is reliable. To energetic drivers, her transmissions feel "stretched"; even they have enough clutch up to 100 thousand km. Approximately half of the cars on the market are equipped with a smoothly switching “automatic” (4 steps, manual shifting, oil change after 40 thousand km). The cardan drive has not yet required attention either, but if the crosspieces are worn out, the repair will be expensive - they are not replaced separately from the cardan.

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