Lexus ES300 Workshop Manuals. Wiring Diagrams

Manual for repair, operation and maintenance of Lexus ES 300. 1993+ release, equipped with gasoline engines with fuel injection system 1MZ-FE (3.0 l) and 5S-FE (2.2 l). Equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed AT.


The allowance can also be used in the repair of right-hand drive vehicles Windom / Camry Gracia, Avallon / Mark II Wagon. Lexus EC300 repair, instruction manual, maintenance recommendations, Wiring Diagrams. Fuse and Relay diagram. Fault Codes list, PDF Free Download

Lexus ES 300 1993. Lexus ES 300 1997. Lexus ES 300 2001. Lexus ES 300 2002.

Lexus ES 300 1993

Lexus ES 300 1993 Wiring Diagrams Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 New Car Features Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Air Conditioning System Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Automatic Transmission Manual Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Automatic Transmission Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Body Electrical Systems Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Body Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Brake System Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Engine 3VZ–FE Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Introduction Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Maintenance Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Steering Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Supplemental Restraint System Download

Lexus ES 300 1993 Suspension and Axle Download

Lexus ES300 1997

Lexus ES300 1997 Wiring Diagram Download

Lexus ES300 1997 New Car Features Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Air Conditioning Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Automatic Transaxle System Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Automatic Transmission Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Body Electrical Systems Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Body Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Brake System Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Charging System Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Cooling System Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Diagnostics Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Emission Control System Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Engine Mechanical Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Ignition System Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Introduction Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Lubrication Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Maintenance Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Preparation Maintenance Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Sequential Fuel Injection System Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Service Specifications Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Starting Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Steering Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Supplemental Restraint System Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Suspension and Axle Download

Lexus ES300 1997 Special Service Campaign Download

Lexus ES300 2001

Lexus ES300 2001 Automatic Transaxle Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Automatic Transmission Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Body Electrical System Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Body Mechanical Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Charging Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Cooling Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Diagnostics Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Emission Control System Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Engine Mechanical Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Ignition Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Introduction Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Lubrication Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Sequential Fuel Injection System Download

Lexus ES300 2001 Starting Download

Lexus ES300 2002

Lexus ES300 2002 Navigation System Download

Lexus ES300 2002 OM33564U Service Manual Download

Lexus ES300 2002 OM33564U Navy. Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Owner's Manual Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Front End Mask Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Wiring Diagram Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Overall Electrical Wiring Diagram Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Fuse and Relay Diagram Download

Lexus ES300 2002 RM913U Repair Manual Download

Lexus ES300 2002 RM1022E Repair Manual Download

Lexus ES300 2002 New Model Outline Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Body Electrical Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Body Structure Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Chassis Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Engine Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Introduction Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Service Specification Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Diagnostics ABS EBD System Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Diagnostics Air Conditioning Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Diagnostics Electronic Controlled Automatic Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Electronic Modulated Suspension System Download

Lexus ES300 2002 SFI System Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Front Brake Tube (Left Hand) Download

Lexus ES300 2002 Driveres Side Front Airbag Download

Lexus ES300 2002 General Procedures SSC LSC Download

Lexus ES300 Engine 1MZ-FE

The 1MZ-FE engine is the first representative in the MZ series - V6 gasoline engines (in - figurative, six-cylinder) manufactured by Toyota. The engine, like the two subsequent models 2MZ-FE and 3MZ-FE, has a cast aluminum cylinder block and two cylinder heads, as well as an intake manifold, in order to facilitate. In each of the heads, according to the design, two cast camshafts (DOHC) are installed, with 12 valves (24 valves in total) at the rate of 4 for each cylinder, including 2 for intake and exhaust.


The angle of collapse of the cylinders in the block is 60 degrees. The fuel supply system is injector. The piston rings are made and the crankshaft (forged) from steel. 1MZ-FE engines were produced with a standard gas distribution system, as well as with a VVT-i variable valve timing system.

In addition, turbocharged versions of 1MZ-FE engines were produced for the following Toyota cars: Camry from 1997 to 2000, Sienna from 1998 to 2000 and Solara from 1999 to 2000. The power of these engines has grown to 242 hp.


The difference between the engines of the MZ series and the VZ in weight, respectively, in the first it is reduced due to the aluminum block and lightweight pistons cast from aluminum with a molybdenum coating to protect against wear. According to foreign sources, reducing the weight of the MZ series motors did not affect their reliability, including the resource.

1MZ-FE engine problems

  • Oil scraper rings, caps;
  • knock sensors;
  • Throttle block;
  • nozzles;
  • Valve VVTi;
  • VVTi clutch.

Oil scraper rings, caps require replacement with increased oil consumption (oil burner).


Knock sensors often fail, and traction disappears, the engine does not develop maximum speed, and withers. The problem is solved by replacing the sensors.


A clogged throttle block is often the cause of revs floating, which is audible and can be seen from the jumps of the tachometer pointer.

Clogged injectors do not provide batch injection of fuel at a given pressure, thereby causing uneven operation of the engine with speed swimming.

The VVTi valve provides finely tuned timing valves and increased engine efficiency. As a result of its application, the following has been achieved:

  • an increase in power and torque on average about 10%;
  • reduction of fuel consumption in the city by 6-8%;
  • exhaust gases in terms of nitrogen oxide content became cleaner by 40%;
  • engine performance at idle to medium speeds has become better;
  • improved turbocharging efficiency.

A faulty VVTi valve causes the engine to trip, twitch, vibrate, and float. With these signs, the valve must be replaced and the problem will be solved.


The VVTi clutch on the intake camshafts can leak oil, its operation is disrupted, as a result, the sound of a running engine resembles a diesel engine. The defect is eliminated by replacing the clutch.

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