Frequently Asked Questions Highlander (XU40) 2007-2013

Tire and wheel sizes Toyota Highlander 2008


245 / 65R17

Disc: 7.5Jx17 ET35, bolt pattern - 5x114.3, hub bore diameter - CO 60.1 mm

What is the tire pressure for Toyota Highlander R19?

There is a plate in the body pillar that states that the pressure for 245 / 55R19 tires should be 2.5 bar. It is on the front and rear tires. Manufacturer's recommendation

What is the volume of the Toyota Highlander tank?

The volume of the Toyota Highlander crossover tank depends on the year of manufacture. So, for example, the model of the first generation (years of production 2001-2007) has a tank with a volume of 75 liters, the car of the second and third generations are equipped with a fuel tank with a volume of 72 liters.


As for the potential mileage that can be covered with a full tank, for example, a Highlander with a 2.7-liter engine will travel 720 km, while a version with a 3.5-liter V6 engine will travel about 670 km.

Automatic transmission from 2nd to 3rd switches with a delay and kicks. What is the problem?

Check the oil level and replace it first. When replacing or before that, diagnose the automatic transmission for errors. And fill in the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Reset automatic transmission settings.

Toyota Highlander - which antifreeze to pour and when to change?

The Toyota Highlander cooling system is usually checked at the first 40,000 km and 80,000 km. In particular, these are pipes and connections of the cooling system, a radiator. Then you need to check every 20,000 km.


Antifreeze is replaced for the first time after 160,000 km, and then every 80,000 km.

When to change the brake fluid on a Toyota Highlander?

A brake fluid check on a Toyota Highlander SUV should be carried out at every scheduled maintenance - every 10,000 kilometers. But the replacement is carried out every 40,000 km. Fill in with branded brake fluid Toyota Brake Fluid DOT 4 or its equivalent.

Toyota Highlander ground clearance and approach angle

The ground clearance according to Toyota is 206 mm. Front entry angle - 930 mm, rear overhang - 1065 mm.

The clearance of the latest generation Highlander is 197 mm, the approach angle is 18 degrees, the exit is 23.1 degrees.

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