Toyota Prius 2003-2009 Service Repair Manual & Wiring Diagram. Trouble codes

Toyota Prius (XW20 / NHW20, Mark II, MC Platform) with hybrid installation: 1NZ-FXE 1.5 l (1496/1497 cm³) gasoline engines 76-77 HP/ 56-57 kW and 25 l MG1 electric motor generators .s. / 18kw, 3CM MG2 68hp / 50kw; Operation manual, maintenance and repair, technical characteristics, wiring diagrams, device, diagnostics, design features. Illustrated practical guide hybrid passenger car of compact "C" class Toyota Prius five-door hatchback (liftback) front-wheel drive models of the second generation of production from August 2003 to 2009

The manual contains detailed information on the diagnosis and repair of elements of the engine control system, variable valve timing system (VVT-i), instructions for using the engine self-diagnosis systems, hybrid installation, ABS (anti-lock braking system), VSC (exchange rate stability system), ECB (system brake control), SRS (passive restraint systems) and recommendations for the repair of the hybrid transmission, brake system components (including ABS, VSC and ECB), steering and suspension.

Fault codes and checks for engine control units, hybrid transmission and hybrid installation, anti-lock braking system (ABS) and air conditioning are given.

Wiring diagrams for various configuration options are presented.

Possible malfunctions and methods of their elimination, mating dimensions of the main parts and limits of their permissible wear, recommended lubricants and working fluids are given.

There are also catalog numbers of original spare parts that are most in demand during vehicle maintenance.

Toyota Prius 2004 NHW20 Body Repair Download

Engine 1NZ-FXE Charging Download

Engine 1NZ-FXE Cooling Download

Engine 1NZ-FXE Starting Download

Engine 1NZ-FXE Emission Control Download

Engine 1NZ-FXE Engine Mechanical Download

Engine 1NZ-FXE Engine Control System Download

Engine 1NZ-FXE Exhaust Download

Engine 1NZ-FXE Fuel Download

Engine 1NZ-FXE Ignition Download

Engine 1NZ-FXE Lubrication Download

Prius 2003-2009 Air Conditioning Download

Prius 2003-2009 Axle Download

Prius 2003-2009 Audio Visual Download

Prius 2003-2009 Brake Control Download

Prius 2003-2009 Brake Download

Prius 2003-2009 CAN Communication Download

Prius 2003-2009 Cruise Control Download

Prius 2003-2009 Door Lock Download

Prius 2003-2009 Drive Shaft Download

Prius 2003-2009 Engine Hood, Door Download

Prius 2003-2009 Engine immobilizer Download

Prius 2003-2009 Exterior Download Download

Prius 2003-2009 Garage Door Opener Download

Prius 2003-2009 P112 Hybrid Battery Control Download

Prius 2003-2009 P112 Hybrid Vehicle Control Download

Prius 2003-2009 Hybrid Transmission Transaxle Download

Prius 2003-2009 Horn Download

Prius 2003-2009 Introduction Download

Prius 2003-2009 Instrument Panel Download

Prius 2003-2009 Interior Download

Prius 2003-2009 Lighting Download

Prius 2003-2009 Maintenance Download

Prius 2003-2009 Meter Download

Prius 2003-2009 Mirror Download

Prius 2003-2009 Multiplex Communication Download

Prius 2003-2009 Navigation Download

Prius 2003-2009 Other System Download

Prius 2003-2009 Parking Brake Download

Prius 2003-2009 Park Assist Monitoring Download

Prius 2003-2009 Preparation Download

Prius 2003-2009 Power Steering Download

Prius 2003-2009 Supplemental Restraint System Download

Prius 2003-2009 Seat Belt Download

Prius 2003-2009 Seat Download

Prius 2003-2009 Suspension Download

Prius 2003-2009 Steering Column Download

Prius 2003-2009 Service Specifications Download

Prius 2003-2009 Theft Deterrent Download

Prius 2003-2009 Tire and Wheel Download

Prius 2003-2009 Windshield Window glass Download

Prius 2003-2009 Wiper and Washer Download

Toyota Prius 2003 Repair Manual (RM1076E)

Prius 2003 RM1076E INTRODUCTION Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E PREPARATION Download


Prius 2003 RM1076E DIAGNOSTICS Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEM Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E FUEL Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E EMISSION CONTROL Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E ENGINE MECHANICAL Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E EXHAUST Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E COOLING Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E LUBRICATION Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E IGNITION Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E STARTING & CHARGING Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E HYBRID CONTROL SYSTEM Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E FRONT SUSPENSION Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E HYBRID TRANSAXLE Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E REAR SUSPENSION Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E TIRE & WHEEL Download


Prius 2003 RM1076E BRAKE Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E PARKING BRAKE Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E POWER STEERING Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E STEERING COLUMN Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E HEATER & AIR CONDITIONER Download


Prius 2003 RM1076E SEAT BELT Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E LIGHTING Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E AUDIO & VISUAL SYSTEM Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E WIPER & WASHER Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E INSTRUMENT PANEL-METER Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E SEAT Download


Prius 2003 RM1076E ENGINE HOOD/DOOR Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E CRUISE CONTROL Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E EXTERIOR/INTERIOR TRIM Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E HORN Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E VEHICLE CONTROL SYSTEM Download

Prius 2003 RM1076E WIRING DIAGRAM Download

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    How can fix the brake light on ,ABS light on, and VSC light on and the Triangle light on with buzzing sound when the wngine is running?